About Us

Marketing2Go Corporation

Marketing2Go Corporation envisions itself as a pioneering online marketing company. It has very deep knowledge and expertise in how to utilize the latest internet technology. It understands completely how to tap the eCommerce market for both the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific.

The company is operated by two pioneering entrepreneurs. Jorge ‘Jojy’ Azurin is an acknowledged expert in eCommerce in the Philippines. A Mechanical Engineering graduate at U.P., he founded Businesssummaries.com and years later sold it to one of the world’s largest digital content providers. He currently owns a number of online companies and is a speaker at MembershipSiteLive, Paypal Cross Trading Seminars and WebCamp teaching online marketing.

Nelson Lim, a business graduate in Ateneo, is a distribution and logistics expert. He built distribution networks for Purefoods, and other food and drug companies. He was the long-time Country Manager for Newsweek Magazine. He currently runs a pharmaceutical distribution company and a string of internet cafés.

Marketing2Go is comitted to building the Epson printers market online with an initial objective of getting 5% of the yearly revenues. It has shown confidence in the business by already creating Printer2Go.ph (http://www.printers2go.ph) site which is ready to accept orders.

It is currently building more online stores for the Epson product lines to show that is serious in its relationship with Epson.

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