Epson EB-1900 Projector

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Why the Epson EB-1900?

Enjoy perfect mobility, easy set-up and user-friendly features!

The ideal tool offers you the best performance in both business meetings and the classroom!

  • The Epson EB-1900 series is the compact, portable projector series that delivers high-quality projection without the fuss.
  • Packed with all the functions and features you need for impressive presentations in meetings or in the classroom, the Epson EB-1900 series comes in a clean, easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain design, yet packs a punch.

White Light Output and Colour Light Output; both at 4000 lumens Brightness

  • With a brightness of White Light Output and Colour Light Output; both at 4000 lumens projected images are visible and clear even under fluorescent lights or without curtains.

Front heat exhaust vents

  • The heat exhaust vents is intelligently positioned in the front so that it will not affect the audience seated at the side of the projector.

Lightweight at up to 3.2kg

  • At a modest leading lightweight of up to 3.2kg, the EB-1900 series projector is extremely mobile and easy to carry around.

Hassle-free to set up

USB Display

  • With the EB-1900 series projector, you no longer have to deal with complicated set ups. Images can be projected by simply connecting the PC and projector via the included USB cable.

User-friendly features for everyone

Instant On/Off

  • When you finish your presentation, you can pack up and go. There is no need to wait for the projector to cool down.

Direct Power On/Off

  • With this feature, you can connect the projector directly to the room’s power source and switch the projector on and off without having to press the “power” button on the projector.