Epson EB-W16SK Projector

Bright, Passive 3D

Epson’s easy-to-set-up passive 3D projector system delivers bright, high definition 3D content and supports all current 3D signal formats.

Key Features

  • Twin stacked: Two 3,000lm projectors
  • Bright 3D content: Passive 3D is ideal for large audiences
  • Display 3D content: Supports all 3D signal formats
  • Affordable: Polarised 3D glasses
  • Easy to set up: Specially designed mount




Epson EB-W16SK

The Epson EB-W16SK is Epson’s first passive 3D projector system that uses two 3,000-lumen projectors stacked together. Designed for large audiences, this affordable and easy-to-use 3D projector system delivers bright, sharp projections, and an equally high White and Colour Light Output. In addition, Epson’s 3LCD technology offers faithful colour reproduction to provide superb-quality 3D images.

The Epson EB-W16SK is an affordable 3D projector system for large audiences. Supplied in a specially designed mount, with polarising plates attached to each lens, two units are linked via USB cable to simultaneously project onto a silver screen, sold separately1. This helps create bright, high-quality 3D projections every time.

The Epson EB-W16SK is the only passive 3D projector system to support all four different 3D signal formats – side-by-side, top-and-bottom, frame packing and frame sequential – ensuring that all types of content can be projected.

This projector system comes with one pair of polarised 3D glasses for bright three dimensional content. Thanks to their low production costs, these glasses offer an affordable 3D experience with low Total Cost of Ownership and are ideal for large audiences.

This 3D projector system is quick and simple to set up. Positioning the units on top of each other in the specially designed mount, users can easily align both images using the automatic projector alignment setting.